Integration for Zendesk Support Ticketing

Get details on the setup requirements and integration process

Ongoing usage of the Integration is Free but requires 1-Time setup fee.

Maximize employee utilization effortlessly

Automatically document what your technicians are doing in real-time as part of your their natural workflow using AutoElevate and Zendesk together. Keep your ticketing and documentation process from getting in the way of efficiency and productivity. AutoElevate’s Technician Mode toolset will save your technicians time, make their job easier, and give you a more complete picture of everything that your technician’s have done for clients.

From any machine with an AutoElevate Agent you can create new tickets, change status of tickets, enter a public or private note on any open ticket, and do anything that needs Admin privileges with a single touch. AutoElevate automatically makes real-time documentation of work your technician’s are doing an effortless operation that is already part of their natural workflow.

Stop wasting time and valuable technician resources. MSP contracts are all about efficiency in delivery of service, stability, and consistency. The more stabile your environments are along with the efficiency and consistency that your deliver service dramatically affects your bottom line and the money you can potentially make. When you’re using an all-you-can-eat service model, logging what you do is even more important so you can demonstrate value to your clients and AutoElevate has just made it easier!

Fast & accurate real-time ticket documentation that is effortless for your technicians. Extend the Zendesk ticketing process to be easily accessible directly from each every machine you manage so you be sure to have full documentation and credit for the work you are doing in behalf of your clients.

PSA Integrations Requirements

Ticketing for Technician Mode works with Connectwise Manage, Kaseya BMS, Autotask PSA, Syncro, & RepairShopr. Integration setup to your compatible PSA solution is available to all partners for a 1-Time setup fee.