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PSA & RMM Ready

AutoElevate was built from the ground up with integration to the most popular PSA and RMM solutions in mind. ConnectWise Automate® and ConnectWise Manage®, Autotask PSA®, Kaseya BMS®, SyncroMSP, & RepairShopr are currently integrated with more on the way soon. AutoElevate will fit seamlessly into your workflow.

Silent Discovery & Audit

AutoElevate is lightweight and deploys quickly and silently in ‘Audit Mode’.  Within minutes of deployment you’ll have actionable information about user privileges and privilege events that is easy to understand right at your fingertips.

Communicate Status Directly Back To Client Computer

Keeps your client informed and eliminates phones calls and remote sessions.

White-label Branded Solution

Client facing dialog boxes and communication are customizable with your brand.

Channel Only

Sold to end user companies only through our MSP partner companies. 

“AutoElevate has proven to be the most cost-effective and straight-forward solution for bringing privilege escalation to our clients at NCG. This is the only tool in our stack that made another MSP partner say “Wow, what was that?! when seen on a remote session.

I would recommend AutoElevate to any MSP feeling the pain of privilege management. We are thrilled to have them in our stack."

Mason Walker

CSO, Network Computing Group (aka NCG)

“I wanted to let you know that one of our clients was attacked last night.  Fortunately for us, we had AutoElevate installed so we could see what account was compromised, and eliminate the issue almost immediately. Bravo to you guys!!  Because of AutoElevate, we prevented hours of pain for all parties.

Tripp McIntyre

IT Support Engineer, Comtech Network Solutions

“AutoElevate has been really easy to work with. Requests that would have taken technicians a long time now just takes minutes.  We’ve been able to whitelist a lot of known applications, so our clients are happy and actually feel like they have more control than before. AutoElevate works! It’s nice to buy something and it works as advertised. It’s been a very nice value ad for us.”

William Pote

CEO, eTOP Technology, Inc.

“I didn’t ‘get it’ before but HOLY COW Ticketing in Technician Mode is awesome!

Adam Fomotor

Founder, Agile Enterprise Management

“In today's world of darkweb and malware threats - every IT professional should be utilizing AutoElevate because they can lock everything down and not create a huge volume of work. Locking everything down (with no exceptions) has made a world of difference. However, prior to AutoElevate it also meant that no one could update anything which generated a lot of ticket volume for our practice. When we discovered AutoElevate it literally made this issue go away overnight. Now when our customers go for an update, the technician can create a rule, approve or deny the request right from their phone and we never have to hear from them. It has cut our ticket volume by 65%. Our clients love it because they are interested in speed and efficiency.”

Chris Wanamaker

CEO, GeeksHD

"I have to be honest, since I moved to AutoElevate, I haven’t used an Admin password on a workstation. I trialed it for 2 days and then told the owner I’d buy it out of my pocket if he said no. Seriously, though, AutoElevate is just what Admin access should be. I have to say, for me it’s by far the most cost effective tool I have."

Will G.

Network Administrator, (MSPGeek Slack Channel User)

“With AutoElevate our clients get to do what they want to do quicker so they’re happy!... My Technicians say it does all the right things… Clients are not doing anything we don’t know about and if they try to do something, we’ll see it!... AutoElevate allows us to respond quickly, no log in and it’s automatic.

Howard Cunningham

President, Macro Systems, LLC

This is an excellent product that is saving us time, creating efficiencies around operations and most of all securing our clients environments. Ever get the call from the business owner that "needs" local admin rights to install software whenever he wants? This provides a solution for that - a good one.

Ryan Smith

Director, Redbrick Technology Limited

Auto Elevate is a great tool that instantly lowered calls for basic installs to our helpdesk. It allowed us to resolve some issues with certain client apps requiring local admin as well. The integration works great with our triage & helpdesk process. Todd & the team are also VERY responsive which is nice for something that has become part of our core stack.

James Delfino

Senior Systems Administrator, Platform 24

“We have mortgage companies which utilize a Line of Business software that needs continual updates. This has been a nightmare for my team, getting calls to remote in and get credentials takes time and coordination. If the updates aren’t done and pop ups are ignored, their software can become out of sync with the rest of the company. With AutoElevate this problem has completely disappeared.

AutoElevate saves so much time compared to taking a call, opening a ticket, jumping on their machine and waiting with them because then they want you to wait on the phone with them for the install to complete. With AutoElevate you can pre- approve, hit yes, and go. In our industry the more time you can save the better and AutoElevate allows technicians to focus on other more important things.

From a security standpoint it is a great tool! It gives us notification immediately, if a UAC pops up previously it was hard to know what your clients where trying to do, that’s not the case anymore.

If you are an MSP looking to increase prices with some clients look to AutoElevate for more value, it offers increased end point security and they can be more productive with automatic updates”

Mike Bloomfield

CEO, Tekie Geek LLC

How much does it cost and where do I get it?

AutoElevate is sold exclusively through our Manage Service Provider partners. Use the following links if you would like a partner to contact you with additional details, demo, pricing, or a free trial.

Is AutoElevate hard to deploy?

No. We’ve made it super easy so that it can deployed across your MSP practice in minutes. We’re here to help you every step of the way. AutoElevate is deployed by installing the AEAgent onto workstations. The AEAgent is a small lightweight MSI file which can be deployed silently with just about any RMM tool, System Policies, or manually by your administrators. For your convenience we have published a full set of ConnectWise™ Automate, Kaseya VSA™, Datto RMM™, SyncroMSP™, or PowerShell scripts which can help you deploy the agents throughout your environment within minutes.

How much memory and disk space does the AutoElevate Agent require?

The AutoElevate Agent is very lightweight, consisting of 3 processes that run once a user is logged in. The processes collectively use approximately 40MB of memory and 820KB of disk space. We have not experienced the agent causing any slowness or resource issues and have tested it on machines running with as little as 2GB of memory.


What outbound ports need to be opened on the firewall at our MSP and/or at our client sites?

443 outbound is all that should be required. So if you’re able to go to secure websites you should be OK.

What happens if my technicians don’t respond to a client request before the timer is up?

When the end user has made a request and the timer expires, an additional dialog box will appear that states that the technician is evaluating the request, a ticket has been opened and that they will be notified as soon as a technician responds. When a technician does respond, a new notification appears for the user telling them their request has been approved or denied and allowing them to continue the installation or with additional ticket information.

Does AutoElevate enter in my admin password for end users?

No. AutoElevate does not store, use, or modify your Admin credentials. AutoElevate gives you the choice on any rule or elevation request to use either an ‘over-the-shoulder’ style Admin elevation or to elevate with the context of the currently logged in user. AutoElevate interacts with the UAC directly when an elevation of an approved process is required, allowing for compatibility and elevation of complex applications. Credentials are not stored in a database or transmitted over the network making security tighter, faster, and easier to manage.


How does AutoElevate work?

AutoElevate automates Windows UAC prompts for MSPs. Our software Agent service works in the background to apply proactive elevation rules to each UAC event or to notify a technician through one of our PSA ticketing integrations, Windows notifications, or via our AutoElevate Mobile App (or all 3). Technicians can quickly and easily evaluate the request and build rules to either accept or deny the requested installer, application, update, or system action which can be allowed just one time,  for just this single computer,  for a group of computers, a whole client, or for all of the computers under your management. For more detailed information on how the AutoElevate system works please sign-up and visit our support site.

Are approvals app based or version based?

Approvals can be done based on either MD5 hash or a combination of information from the verified publisher certificate, name, and path. By identifying the file in these various ways, approvals or denials can successfully take place regardless of where the file originates and for a wide range of scenarios and requirements. Core applications and/or updates for applications such as Quickbooks™, Zoom™, or UPS WorldShip™ (or countless others) can be approved. With PAM automation you now have options.

Will adjustments need to be made to our installed antivirus?

None. AutoElevate works well with other solutions in your solution stack.

Am I charged for extra technicians?

With the release of the Enhanced Technician Mode features in 2020 each agent tier includes a corresponding number of technician user licenses with some licensing tiers including unlimited technician users. Currently, to have additional user licenses requires moving into a higher tier which includes the desired number of User (technician) licenses.

Who receives the notifications from end users?

All technicians that have the Mobile Notification app installed will receive notifications from your clients. They can quiet the notifications by adjusting notifications on their phones.

MSPs that use PSA ticketing integration (Autotask PSA, ConnectWise Manage, Kaseya BMS, & Syncro) can view notifications and approve or deny elevation requests directly in their PSA tickets. Tickets generated by AutoElevate have custom statuses which can be used to build customized notifications from within the ticketing systems. Requests can also be viewed and responded to from within the Admin Portal.

By enabling browser notifications technicians have easy 1-click access to approve or deny requests and receive notifications on their macOS or Windows computer desktops directly.

Do I have to have my own on-premise server?

No. AutoElevate is a cloud based service and software platform. All you have to have to get started is a license key and instructions. We maintain the server, the mobile apps, security, updates, and web portals.