Remove Local Admin Privileges

Automatically Convert Admin Users to Standard Users, Quickly & Seamlessly Without Disrupting or Upsetting Your Clients

AutoElevate can easily remove local Admin privileges across all your clients in just a few minutes without clients losing productivity

If you remove local admin privileges you will enhance all your cybersecurity efforts and is one of the best ways to help stop malware and thwart attackers. Some estimates say taking this simple step can help mitigate 94% or more of Microsoft vulnerabilities. This makes removing local Admin privileges one of the most important security configurations you can implement.

With AutoElevate “Audit” mode you can easily identify which users are actively logged in with Admin privileges, have the UAC turned off or set too low, which systems have numerous local Admin users configured. Even before you start applying or processing rules you’ll know anything that a user does or attempts to do that requires elevated privileges.

Moving your clients from “Audit” mode to “Policy” or “Live” mode will enable your multi-tenant privilege rules to be applied with just a few clicks. Once enabled your rules will be instantly applied to your clients to provide a seamless user experience.

Can you afford ALL your clients to be victimized with a data breach?

Can you afford to ignore privilege management which could easily tighten your security?

Remove local Admin privileges and reduce risk in your MSP practice!

Streamline privilege requests once you have removed local admin privileges

Now new requests for elevated privileges are either a completely automated event or just a 30 second interaction instead of the typical 15-30 minute process of helping a client manually with privileges. This results in a reduction of service tickets and significant time savings which helps engineering staff to focus on more critical issues.