Security Hat-Trick Special!

1) Attend one of our 3 live group demos listed below

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Wed, 10/13/21


Fri, 10/15/21


FRI, 10/28/21

AutoElevate is designed specifically for MSPs and by extension small-to-medium-sized businesses to put an end to the dilemma of “all of nothing” privileges. AutoElevate streamlines use of privilege by automating privilege access for updates, line-of-business applications, system functions, while also enhancing security and convenience for technicians using elevated privileges. 

You’ll get a live demo tour of AutoElevate with real world MSP business examples and your questions answered.

AutoElevate is the most advanced Privileged Access Management (PAM) tool for Managed Service Providers. With AutoElevate you can manage and secure admin rights, control applications on endpoints and empower your technician staff to monitor and analyze privilege requests at the touch of a button. Make approvals for a specific LOB (line-of-business) applications, installers, updates, or anything else requiring elevated privileges in just a few seconds and right when users need it the most.