RepairShopr PSA Ticketing Integration


1-Time Ticketing Integration Setup Charge

  • Tickets for each client privilege request are created automatically.
  • Detailed notes of client request and actions are included into ticket automatically.
  • Machine and application security are summarized and color coded for quick reference by the technician and include links to additional research resources.
  • Action from technicians are automatically updated in RepairShopr tickets with Assignee, Status, Type, Relevant Asset, Notes, Labor Log Time & Notes, & VirusTotal scan results.
  • Cohesive communication to client’s computer eliminating phone calls and remote sessions in real time.


We all hate paperwork and usually forget to do it but now that’s not a problem. With Integration to your RepairShopr system you have detailed information about what was requested, by whom, on what machine, security disposition, status, outcome, and all the other details are recorded for you automatically. Now you won’t have to stress about losing track of your client interactions because each request generates a ticket in your ticketing system automatically. It’s all done for you. Each technician response generates a time entry automatically as part of the natural workflow. Now your technicians can respond to client privilege requests even when they are mobile without letting billable hours get lost.